"Jesus, I trust in you!"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And Sister Mary Martha lays the smackdown...

Sister Mary Martha has a wonderful commentary on her blog in which she debunks new age ideas about Lent while also emphasizing its true meaning.

Lent is a time when we are called to try to identify with Christ's sufferings but giving up a small bit of our own comfort.

It may seem silly to give up chocolate or cigars or anime or baseball, when Christ gave up His very life. I think the goodness in this is that it is a yearly reminder of how much energy we put into the things of this world, rather than Christ. For this reason, I recommend giving up whatever it is that you spend way too much time on, whatever it is that distracts you from your home, family, and your God. Then spend all that extra time gained on prayer and good works.

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