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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Answering the call... Introduction, history, and purpose of this blog

Madames, Monsiuers, au revoir!

No, no, I am not French, I've just been watching too much Gankutsuou(The Count of Monte Cristo).

So, here it is, I've finally started blogging. I resisted at first, content with my small myspace blog, but that was before reading the wonders of the curt jester and ironic catholic.

If one wishes to comment with any regularity of course an account is in order, and so I acquired one to communicate my appreciation to IC. She responded in her ever so wry way(though I am not quite sure how she manages to put forth so much of that subtle emotion online) that the natural next step is to start blogging myself.

"Alas, no!" I thought. "I won't be able to think of anything!" Of course, I then proceeded to be bombarded regularly with ideas...

That got me to thinking. I'm a person with an unfortunate adversity to change, and callings tend to as often as not dash me across the head. (Other things do so as well, but that's more my poor eyesight or as a side effect of trying to finish that last page of a book while walking). God tends to be rather mercifully blunt with me much of the time.

So I took the calling seriously.

I am no one of any importance. I am a college student. If there is anything to which I might lay claim, it's that I try honestly to be a good Catholic. I am small, like St. Therese, though not so holy as she.

It is my own hope that my small musings might benefit someone in the 'who knows where' that comprises the diverse internet community.

As you may have guessed, this blog is dedicated to the Divine Mercy, to which I owe my life and sanity. I plan to expound much on the meaning of this Mercy, of which all worldly mercy is a shadow or an afterimage.

I direct you for now to the Divine Mercy Chaplet

I would also like to encourage the power of prayer through this blog. Should there be a need, post any prayer requests and they shall be included in my next blog. Post them anywhere in my recent posts. I will be checking(and praying).

Thank you for reading.


vashsunglasses said...

I'm very much looking forward to much smartness from you so don't let me down.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Congrats Melody!

Hey, one way to let others know about your blog (if you even want that!) is to write a letter to the Amateur Catholic blog. Ask to be on the Catholic B team. Then you get their very snazzy blue box (it says something like "we don't write books, we don't do tours, in fact, we barely do our jobs".

Happy blogging!

St. Blog's Parish